About Us

Noor's Salon is a social enterprise that provides timely, convenient and professional at-home beauty services to its female clients through mobile app based solution. Noor's Salon services run the gamut from blowout, waxing, manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage. And that’s not all, Noor's Saloon also provides package deals that meet the demands of its clients. Noor's Salon is more than just your regular beauty app, it provides lucrative economic opportunities to women skilled in beauty services. At its core Noor's Salon, enables these women to be self-sufficient and run their own independent at-home beauty services. Our vigilant vetting process ensures that we take on board reliable beauty professionals.

Noor's Salon further up-skills the beauticians, who then provide clients high quality, timely and premium beauty services in the comfort of their homes. Together, you and the Noor's Salon team can make a difference in people’s lives all the while ensuring that you look your best anytime, anywhere!